IP Management in ICT projects

Compared to other technology sectors, ICT innovations (e.g. new products or services) have unique challenges. ICT innovations often require bundles of different IP Rights (e.g. patents, trademarks, copyright, etc); ICT can be trans-border (e.g. cloud-based); ICT is cumulative (e.g. much re-use and integration); ICT is convergent (e.g. technologies can recombine to create new innovations); ICT is fast-moving and fast-changing (e.g. short life cycles, new paradigms).
These characteristics raise many challenges for EC funded projects concerning the management and protection of research results, and strategies and plans for their exploitation.

This webinar will discuss specific issues that EC funded projects should address whether using or developing ICT; in particular concerning knowledge management and protection, exploitation, and maximizing impacts.
This webinar is relevant for all those involved with using, developing, and/or commercially exploiting ICT innovations, whether they are SMEs, large companies, or researchers.





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Jun 3, 2020 10:30 12:00