WIPR Trademarks Live – Virtual Conference

WIPR Trademarks Live – Virtual Conference

WIPR Trademarks Live has been designed to provide critical and timely insights from leading trademark practitioners from a wide range of industry sectors and jurisdictions. It will assist you in ensuring the protection of your brand, as well as providing practical and best-practice examples of how to exploit your IP assets fully.

Join us on June 8–10, 2021 for this brand-new virtual conference – a gathering of in-house trademark counsel from corporations across multiple sectors, who are participating in order to share their experiences and offer their insights.

Attending the conference will give you an invaluable opportunity to hear policy updates first-hand; understand the impact of recent case law; listen to expert opinion, and access solutions to assist your streamlining of your day-to-day role.

On Three Short Days You will Tackle the Latest Brand Protection Challenges and Hear how to Maximise the Value of your Existing Trademarks Portfolio

Learn how to better protect your trademarks with a global trademark law update—the trends, the challenges, and the latest case law
Understand how to manage the post-Brexit trademark landscape
Address trademark squatting
Exploit your assets: IP monetisation and licensing strategies
Assess how artificial intelligence can assist your day-to-day brand protection activities
Learn how to beat counterfeiters at their own game



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Jun 8, 2021 Jun 10, 2021 12:00 15:00