Harmless Salts!
Aug 19, 2019 Harmless Salts!

Edible salt has always been one of the most important food flavors. While being delicious, salt has some health hazards too, which is why many food and beverage companies have sought to address this major problem. Due to huge market demand, it is logical that production and supply of a new kinds of salt with both good salinity taste and low sodium content can be a great commercial success for the producer. Salarius, one of the pioneers in the production and development of low-sodium salts in the world, has launched its innovative product, trademarked as MicroSalt. Although this valuable technology is protected by the patent system, Salarius has filed an additional patent to further enhance patent protections. The new patent emphasizes on the greater adhesion between the salts and the food surfaces.

The patent file no. 16/535703 titled "improved low-sodium salt composition", describes an advanced electrostatic carrier that can improve the amount of salt adhesion to food surfaces. MicroSalt is a special salt made with micron-sized particles that dissolve much faster in the mouth than ordinary salts, making the saline feel better for the user despite using less salt (about 50%). Victor Hugo Manzanilla, CEO of Salarius, emphasized on the product's creative innovation and said that “In addition to MicroSalt® current disruptive technology which helps consumers reduce sodium consumption, we have taken a step forward to help solve a critical challenge for snack manufacturers: salt adhesion to their food during shipping and display.”

Producers of snacks face the great challenge of salt waste. The salt used in the packaged foods is usually separated from foods’ surfaces and placed at the bottom of the package due to low adhesion. As a result, taste of these foods will not be satisfactory to the customers. On the other hand, using more salt can lead to higher production costs and health-related consequences for consumers, which can be solved by the creative idea of ​​Salarius. The new Microsalt technology will help consumers to achieve the full flavor they expect with 50% lower sodium through increasing salt adhesion.

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