Samsung and Motorola face serious competition over smartphones
Aug 31, 2019 Samsung and Motorola face serious competition over smartphones

Samsung has been innovating non-stop for development of electronic foldable devices. This renowned Korean company, which is one of the leading players in the smartphone market, has invented a new vertical folding smartphone. Due to extreme similarity of Samsung’s new innovation to the Motorola’s new released model, “Moto Razr”, it seems that a serious competition is started between these giants.

Simultaneous to high speed of developments in foldable displays, a huge number of smartphone producers, including Samsung, LG, Apple, Sony and Motorola, have been investing for designing and manufacturing a variety types of foldable phones. Samsung, as one of the pioneers, besides extreme efforts for developing new applications for foldable and flexible displays, has been arranging to commercialize and launch the first ones.

Despite unexpected obstacles and partial failures for commercializing the product, the new published patent with USPTO was illustrated that Samsung decision for development and commercialization of foldable smartphones is completely serious. The patent, filed in January of this year and recently issued under "US20190245955". This patent describes a type of vertical folding device that looks like the well-known Motorola foldable series, Motorola Razr.

Despite huge amounts of innovations in both companies' products, the introduced design for includes a central hinge area which due to fragile nature is insufficient for continuous opening and closing the display. If either of these giants overcome such challenges and provide an operational, sample, they would have taken a major step for overcoming other competitors and taking the market.

Samsung had earlier filed another application in USPTO for a foldable smartphone-tablet one. The phone is like a wallet that when opened, the 4.6-inch display turns into 7.3-inch. The new innovation in vertical folding display is a continuation of the previous patent, which illustrates Samsung's massive investment in foldable display technology.

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