Qualcomm and Dallah agreement on a patent licensing
Sep 11, 2019 Qualcomm and Dallah agreement on a patent licensing

Qualcomm, US computer chips giant, in the following of its unique intellectual property strategies signed a new agreement with a Saudi technological company, Dallah. The new agreement covers Qualcomm's exclusive technologies for manufacturing multimode small cells that are applicable in "3G", "4G" and "5G" communication tools.

The Saudi company is owned by a Jeddah-based private multinational business group called Dallah Al-Baraka. This commercial group has been investing widely in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe in different sectors such as financial and banking, healthcare, real estate, transportation and manufacturing. Dallah executive director, Ammar Kamel, said: we are so excited to enter this strategic agreement with the world’s leading smartphone technology innovator. Based on ambitious Saudi Vision 2030, and experience of successful mega projects, Dallah will use this license agreement for developing, marketing and selling 3G/4G/5G multimode small cells in the Middle East. Qualcomm's vice president, John Han, also emphasized the company's valuable patent portfolio, highlighting Dallah ability for manufacturing and supplying 3G/4G/5G multimode small cells in Saudi Arabia and other global regions.

Qualcomm is one of the pioneers in the semiconductor industry and key technology providers for smartphones. Its powerful and extensive patent portfolio, which includes some of the most important Standard Essential Patents (SEPs), especially in the field of 4G and 5G communication technologies, has made it one of the leading patent licensing players in the smartphone and communication industries. Many of the world's leading companies, such as LG, Samsung, Huawei and Apple, are Qualcomm’s clients. Moreover, in recent years, some controversial lawsuit cases was arisen due to a patent dispute between Qualcomm and other companies.

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