Dec 17, 2019

"Own Your Intellectual Property" awarded the Roshd Festival Book of the Year

The book "Own Your intellectual property", which written by Negar Khatmimaab, funded by Kanoon IP, and published by Dibayeh Publications, was one of the selected books of the Roshd Book Festival this year. The book selected among thousands of book which entered into the competition.

According to the IRNA report, "Massoud Fayyazi" the secretary of the 17th Roshd Book Festival, stated: "This year, about 2463 books were entered into the festival, 959 of which were classified as first and second class books in 27 groups. Among the presented books, 14 were referred to as awarded books and 38 of the book entitled to be appreciated. "

One of the most important missions of the Kanoon IP is to increase the capacity of innovation throughout the country. With this regard, and to promote IP rights knowledge among the public, familiarizing children and adolescents with the concepts of IP rights, and fostering creativity among them has been set as one of the main priorities of Kanoon IP.

 The book of “Own your Intellectual property”, has been written with this regard, and attracted educational experts in the festival and being taught in high school as a curriculum proposed by them. In this book, by introducing various types of intellectual property rights, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, and industrial designs, in a simple and childish language, makes the audience familiar with the concept of intellectual property protection. Through the use of a variety of practical examples in this book, students will learn how IP rights work for protecting intellectual capital and how they can benefit from IP rights. The students also become familiar with the development of inventions and the role of innovation in improving human life.

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