Iran’s Kanoon IP Initiates Webinars on Tuesdays for Persian-language People across World
Jan 18, 2020 Iran’s Kanoon IP Initiates Webinars on Tuesdays for Persian-language People across World

Kanoon IP has launched a program as online learning titled ‘get a taste of IP on Tuesdays’ in line with its services and promotional activities aimed at building Intellectual Property capacity in all Persian-language people and increasing public access to IP-related materials.

The program, which includes a series of IP-related training subjects, will be held regularly on Tuesdays. During the first semester (winter semester), the most important IP-related topics are introduced and presented.

Last December, Kanoon IP began its online- webinar training, initially in two topics, to facilitate access of interested audiences with no possibility to physical attendance in the Kanoon IP conducting seminars and workshops. With regards to the appreciation of many of the interns and the inquiries for access to more topics, Kanoon IP organized to expand the number of training topics on a regular schedule. ‘Get a taste of IP on Tuesdays’ program, was designed by Kanoon IP as a series of webinars that are being held on Tuesdays on different topics according to the interns’ requirements.

The ‘get a taste of IP on Tuesdays’ was welcomed not only by the participants from across Iran but also by all Persian-language people from all over the world who need to access to Persian IP-related educational materials. All of them could attend the online-webinar and all are welcomed.

The winter online- webinars are held in the following topics:

·      Fundamentals of Intellectual Property

·      Patentability in the healthcare section

·      Fundamentals of patent information search

·      Introduction into the Espacenet database

·      Introduction to the Patent Cooperation Treaty

In addition to the above-mentioned topics that all provide IP-related materials, another topic has been designed by Kanoon IP titled ‘How to apply foreign patent filing via Kanoon IP website’. This topic has been designed based on the inquiry of those people who are interested in filing their patent applications in foreign states and need Kanoon IP services and supports.

The number of topics in the ‘get a taste of IP on Tuesdays’ will increase in the next semesters based on the interns’ requirements and inquiries.  

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