Kanoon IP Spring Semester Webinars
Jun 6, 2020 Kanoon IP Spring Semester Webinars

As Kanoon IP's “Tuesday with IP” program started to be held, several online webinars have been conducted so far. The “Tuesdays with IP” program launched late last year By Kanoon IP Academy with the aim of building IP capacity in Persian language people and increasing public access to IP-related education materials. The “Tuesdays with IP”, welcomes not only the participants from inside Iran but also it has designed for all Persian-language people from all over the world who need to access to Farsi IP-related educational materials

Concurrent with Kanoon IP spring semester, as the COVID-19 pandemic started to become a global concern, extra attention was drawn to the online courses throughout the globe including Iran. This reason besides the positive feedback of previous webinars participants, altogether led the courses in the Spring Training Calendar were welcomed widely by the participants, to the extent that some courses were held twice a week since the numerous requests received from the audiences who demanded reopening the registration portal.


The spring online- webinars were held in the following topics:

o   Fundamentals of Intellectual Property;

o   Patentability in the healthcare section;

o   Patent importance in the protection of innovative technologies;

o   Fundamentals of patent information search;

o   Basics of searching in Esp@cenet Worldwide database’

o   Overview of PCT System for globally Protection of inventions: potentials and advantages;

o   Basics of searching in PatenScope database

Moreover, two other topics titled as “presenting Kanoon IP service and facilities”, and “instruction to filing patent application abroad via Kanoon IP portal’ have been designed based on the inquiries of inventors who are interested in filing their invention in the foreign states and need Kanoon IP services and supports.

Far too often, researchers are misinformed about the role and the possibilities arising around patents and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). In the designed courses by Kanoon IP Academy, participants basically learn what IPR is (with a special focus on patents), and why it matters. The attendants, in some other courses, become familiar with the importance of patents, patentability requirements, and the ways for protecting inventions overseas. In this regard,  in one specific course, they learn about the PCT system, its procedure, and its benefits. The participants also deepen their knowledge regarding the importance of patent information and it's usage advantageous for the various groups. They also become familiar with searching patent strategies and methods,  while with this regard, they learn how to search in some well-known and popular free available patent database. 

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