Conducting a Series of IP webinars for Health and Medical Sector
Jun 25, 2020

Conducting a Series of IP webinars for Health and Medical Sector

Cooperation of Kanoon IP and Iran Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MOHME) in conducting the Intellectual Property educational webinar series.

Following the memorandum of understanding between Kanoon IP and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MOHME), the parties agreed on conducting a series of Intellectual Property educational programs that will be designed and provided by Kanoon IP. These educational webinars have specifically targeted the researchers, scientists, students, and faculty members of the universities, R&Ds, and Research institutes that are supervising by Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education. Based on this MOU, the developed training program covers a range of fundamental IP knowledge needed for empowering innovation capacity in the medical and health research sectors throughout the country.  

The cooperative educational program, organized to be implemented in several phases while the first phase will begin on June, 27. The published calendar of the designed training program for the first phase includes 12 topics in the form of 10 educational webinars and two promotional webinars.

The main topics designed for the first phase are including:

1.      Fundamentals of Intellectual Property;

2.      Patentability in the healthcare section;

3.      Patent importance in the protection of innovative technologies;

4.      Fundamentals of patent information search;

5.      Basics of searching in PATENTSCOPE database;

6.      Basics of searching in LENS database;

7.      Overview of PCT System for globally Protection of inventions: potentials and advantages;

8.      The national path for patent protection;

9.      Medicinal Plants, Traditional Knowledge, and Geographical Indications;

10.    General paths to extend patent protection outside the country ;

11.    legal aspects of claims in applications and some national IP legal cases;

12.   Presenting Kanoon IP service; and facilities and instruction to filing patent applications abroad via Kanoon IP portal.


Kanoon IP launched a series of training webinars late last year in the name of “Tuesdays with IP” with the aim of building IP capacity in Persian language people and increasing public access to IP-related education materials. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started to become a global concern, extra attention was drawn to the online courses throughout the globe including Iran. With this regard, the last series of the online webinar (the spring semester) conducted by Kanoon IP, was welcomed widely by the participants.

The positive feedback of the previous webinars has led some Ministries and big organizations to consider using this opportunity to promote innovation and protect IP right in the sectors under their supervision, and holding training webinars on topics tailored to their needs.  

For the registration in the Kanoon IP webinars, please use this link

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