Patent on Sharing Links in Instagram Captions
Oct 3, 2020 Patent on Sharing Links in Instagram Captions

One of the most requested features on Instagram is the ability to add links to the Instagram caption. A recently submitted patent by Facebook seems to address this deficiency but for a fee!

For the longest time, Instagram users had willing to have an option for sharing live links in the captions. Now, according to the patent submitted by Facebook, the users may have the ability to add links in their photo captions on Instagram. However, according to the patent, the company seeks to add a paid links to media captions and therefore adding like is possible for a fee!

the option added to the app will help many users, particularly influencers, and those promoting certain things. The link within the caption will be “selectable”, and users by tap or clicking on it will be able to access the “digital location specified by the address.

In line with the patent description, as soon as the online system, detect a string of link text identifying an address with the caption’s text,  a pop-up will appear which asking for payment to activate it.  As the drawings of the patent application show, this price sets at $2, but this is unlikely to be the actual price. The fee for posting clickable links may be a fixed fee or may vary based on a number of other users that are connected to the posting user via the online system, the number of times a user posts items online, and the views or response a user's posting gets online. The patent mentions that the links would get auto-disabled if the user does not pay up.

“If the online system detects the text content of the of the caption includes a string of link text identifying an address, the online system prompts the posting user to pay a fee in exchange for generating a link based on the link text.”

Reference: FiG.3C of the patent application number US10769731


The Instagram Users with more than 10,000 followers or those users having verified profiles can add clickable links to their stories, while regular users add links through their bios and put the words "Link in bio" when any of their stories or captions contain a call to action to check a link. 

This application prevents users from posting content with links in the caption as an advertisement but without paying the cost. However, the payment option may work more for celebrities or influencers where they can endorse their products by more coughing up.



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