KanoonIP's third IP Quiz
Dec 19, 2020 KanoonIP's third IP Quiz

Recognized as Iran’s most active IP body, Kanoon IP to promote intellectual property throughout the country and aiming at building IP capacity in Persian language people, as well as increasing public access to IP-related education materials, Kanoon IP has so far organized several workshops and online webinars. These conducted webinars and workshops were welcomed widely by the participants. To evaluate its performance in achieving its goals, Kanoon IP has designed "IP Quizzes". 

IP quizzes are conducted online via the Kanoon IP website and are multiple-choice questions. The IP quizzes have been designed to be held seasonally: two IP quizzes were held so far which highly welcomed by the attendees. In addition to the self-assessing of IP knowledge, prizes will be awarded to those participants who could answer all tests correctly. The third IP quiz will be held on Friday, January 8th (2021) from 10:00 am to 13:00 pm.

Similar to previous Quizzes, the third exam includes 20 questions in various areas of intellectual property, and each person will have 30 minutes to answer the questions. The questions of this exam are designed from the collection of content published on the KanoonIP website, content trained in the workshops and webinars series, news, historical inventions.

It should be noted that the previous two IP quizzes, both were attended by more than 60 people and Kanoon IP, as a memorial,  and in order to encourage the public to make more efforts in the IP field, awarded the attendees with more correct answers; Cash prizes, along with the opportunity to be scholarship in one of the specialized courses of the World Intellectual Property Organization called "DL-301 Patents", were among the items that were awarded to the eight winners of the first exam and the six winners of the second exam, respectively. The winners had more efforts in learning IP resources via the KanonIP website and participating in the workshops.

It is worth mentioning that the interested people who wish to take part in this exam, could use their user panel on the website and selecting the exams section then they were entered into the quiz and could answer the multiple-choice questions. More information about registering on the Patent Center website is provided in the Registration Guide. We recommend the participants to test their user panel, and if they don’t have a user panel, register in that pat, at least a day before the exam in order to avoid any difficulty in taking the exam. It is worth mentioning that since the exam is held systematically and ends automatically at 1 pm, applicants are advised not to postpone the exam until the last minute.

The questions and answers of the previous quizzes are displayed daily and temporarily on Kanoon IP social media:  Kanoon IP (Iran patent center) Instagram page and Telegram channel; Therefore, we suggest prepare yourself for the test by following these channels and pages.

Therefore, If you wish to evaluate your IP knowledge, take part in the seasonal IP quizzes designed by Kanoon IP!

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