Tuesday with IP program and its winter training calendar
Jan 2, 2021 Tuesday with IP program and its winter training calendar

In the winter training calendar of KanoonIP’s "Tuesday with IP “, in addition to patents, other types of Intellectual property rights are covered for the training purpose. 

In the winter training calendar of KanoonIP’s Tuesday with IP “ a significant attempt to cover several IP rights in addition to patent rights is considered.  In the previous calendars of the Tuesdays with the IP program, the main focus was drawn on patents, the role, and importance of patents, and the need to use them. In the current winter calendar, other types of IP rights, including Trademark, Industrial design, Trade secrets, copyright, and related rights have also been targeted.

Aiming at building IP capacity in Persian language people and increasing public access to IP-related education materials, Kanoon IP academy launched a series of training webinars late last year in the name of “Tuesdays with IP”. After the COVID-19 outbreaks, when extra attention was drawn to the online courses throughout the globe and Iran, Kanoon IP pursued online webinars more seriously and the seasonal webinars conducted by KanoonIP were welcomed widely by the participants.

The webinars have specifically targeted the Farsi-language researchers, scientists, students, and faculty members of the universities, R&Ds, and Research institutes, however, many participants from startup incubators and science and technology parks have so far participated actively in the webinars.  

This new strategy of KanoonIP Academy has been formed based on Kanoon IP several typed of audiences requirements. In addition to patents, the protection of other types of intellectual property is important to match the processes of protection of intellectual property and provide the country's technologists with the opportunity to make optimal use of all the options available to them. KanoonIP as the main body for educating IP to the interested people and based on the inquiries, designed this calendar to cover most IP Rights necessary for innovators. 

The winter training calendar includes 10 interesting titles as:

  • Fundamental of Intellectual Property rights;
  •  Patent as a Tool for the Protection of Innovative Technologies; 
  • Fundamental of Copyrights;
  • Impacts and use of copyright in Business
  • Fundamental of Trademark
  • Fundamental of Industrial Design
  • Trade Secret
  • Geographical indications

In addition to the above-mentioned topics that all provide IP-related materials, another topic has been designed by Kanoon IP titled ‘Presenting Kanoon IP service; and instruction to filing patent applications abroad via Kanoon IP portal. This topic has been designed based on the inquiry of those people who are interested in filing their patent applications in foreign states and need Kanoon IP services and supports.

Details of the syllabus to be covered for training is prescribed in this link

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