KanoonIP Academy hosts an Online Webinar In the World IP Day
Apr 16, 2021 KanoonIP Academy hosts an Online Webinar In the World IP Day

In the spirit of World IP Day 2021, the KannonIP academy will host an online webinar on "Launch your ideas to the market!" to reflect on how SMEs could benefit from IP various forms, such as Patents, Designs, Trade Marks, Trade Secrets, Copyright, etc.

Every April 26th WIPO hosts a celebration for World IP Day to learn about the role that IP rights play in encouraging innovation and creativity. The theme for 2021 is IP & SMEs: Taking your ideas to market.

It is said that every business starts with an idea. Millions of SMEs that operate across the globe every day started with just a concept translated into a product, inserted into the market, which contributes to the development of the economy. 

At this time when economic recovery is highly essential, World Intellectual Property Day 2021 shines a light on the critical role of SMEs in the economy and how they can use IP rights to build stronger, more competitive, and resilient businesses.

According to Wipo, SMEs make around 90 percent of the world’s businesses, employ around 50 percent of the global workforce and generate up to 40 percent of national income in many emerging economies, more, if informal businesses are counted. Therefore as a backbone of national economies, it is essential SMEs become aware of IP right's importance in their developing process.

SMEs are the backbone of national economies. They deliver the goods and services we need every day; they hatch breakthrough innovations and inspiring creations and they create jobs; some become the world-leading businesses of tomorrow.

Believing in the potential of local inventors to contribute to the country’s intellectual and economic wealth. Iran’s Kanoon IP commits to enhance its services that demonstrate the national capability of innovations. One of these core services is Building IP capacity among Iranian and other Farsi language people worldwide initiated by KAnoonIP academy.

In the webinar hosted by Kanoon IP on  2021 IP day, one of the KanoonIP lecturers, Mitra Aminlou will give insight into the place of IP in enterprise development by use and explaining some case studies.

Aiming at building IP capacity in Persian language people and increasing public access to IP-related education materials, Kanoon IP academy has already provided a platform and launched a series of training webinars since 2019.   In addition to the webinar will hold on April 26, KanoonIP academy has design a learning package consists of IP educational materials and entertainment programs which we will inform about it in the next posts.

It is worth mentioning that the webinar, which will be held from 9 pm to 10:30 pm,  is held through the Skyroom platform, with the registration code "wb40002061". people who fail to register can watch this event live from the Instagram of the Academy of the Patent Center of Iran, at @ipkanoon.academy.

For further information and register in IP DAY online webinar, read https://en.patentoffice.ir/page/4998/

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