Indian IT Company, Tech Mahindra to File Patent for Coronavirus Attacking Molecule
May 5, 2021 Indian IT Company, Tech Mahindra to File Patent for Coronavirus Attacking Molecule

Tech Mahindra, an Indian IT company along with Reagene Biosciences, are in the process of filing a patent, for a drug molecule that can potentially attack coronavirus.

Tech Mahindra and Reagene Biosciences are still in the research process and they filed a patent application for a molecule that can attack coronavirus. Markers Lab as Tech Mahindra’s research and development arm started the computational modelling analysis of the coronavirus.

Based on computational landing and modelling studies, Tech Mahindra and its partner selected 10 drug molecule from a list of 8,000 FDA-approved drugs.

To filter these 10 drugs, Tech Mihandra used its own technology and the selected drugs were tested with Reagene Biosciences in Bengaluru. Then they came up with three of them.

After creating a 3D lung, the drugs were tested and they found one molecule that works more efficient. The computational analysis was done by TechMahindra and clinical analysis implicated by Reagene Biosciences.

There are several drugs under trial, but people are now dependent only on vaccines for preventing themselves from fatal coronavirus.

According to official data, India now has over 6 million active cases and daily casualties due to COVID-19 crossed 360000 on May 5. Depending on the seriousness of coronavirus infection in the patients, the Indian government has allowed the use of drugs like Remdesivir and Tocilizumab,

The shortage of Tocilizumab can be assessed from the fact that the Centre could give only 150 doses of Tocilizumab injection to the densely populated state of Uttar Pradesh.

Makers Lab platform uses artificial intelligence and other computational technology, and they hope this could help them in reducing the time for the discovery of drugs.


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