Autumn IP School; Another Cooperation between Kanoon IP Academy and Iran Ministry of Health and Medical Education
Oct 19, 2021 Autumn IP School; Another Cooperation between Kanoon IP Academy and Iran Ministry of Health and Medical Education

Following up an MOU signed between Kanoon IP and the Iran Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MOHME), a new series of webinars to enhance IP knowledge among Iranian researchers in the medical and health sectors is going to lunch as an event entitled “Autumn school”.

This series of training and promotional webinars that have been designed by KanoonIP academy, will conduct to promote applying IP knowledge in directing applied researches that leading contributes to finding solutions to various technical issues. 


Iran has made considerable advances in science and technology through education and training during recent years; the growth in Iran's scientific output is reported to be the fastest in the world. Iran has made great strides in various sectors, including the medical and health sectors.


Due to a significant increase of researches in the country in various fields, the economic return of the researches has been recognized also as one of the important aims. Since researchers are misinformed about the role and the possibilities arising around patents and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Special attention has been paid in recent years to promote benefiting of intellectual property right as a tool for protecting research achievements.


In the designed courses by Kanoon IP Academy, the concepts of intellectual property and patents are outlined in a simple way, and legal protection of research achievements and gaining information from research results will be discussed.


The first event of the Autumn School, which will be held on the 27th of November and entitled "General Review of intellectual property policies worldwide", focuses specifically on policy-making and is targeting IP experts and technology managers in the health sectors. In this webinar, by expressing the common IP policies governed in the world's universities, the necessity of having a clear and flexible policy to pursue in the country's universities, as well as its effects on promoting innovation will be discussed. 


The webinar "Intellectual Property; to be, or not to be" deals with the importance of intellectual property and patents by presenting real cases of some idea owners who have benefited from their idea after protecting their intellectual assets by IP rights. "Whether a patent would be a helpful tool to protect my idea?”Is the title of the third webinar of the Fall School series, which outlines the requirements for filing an application to the patent system and the benefits that come after having it. In "The art of drafting a patent", participants will be familiar with some of the important and essential requirements for writing and preparing a patent application.


In another webinar titled “Why reinventing the wheels” participants basically learn how effective is using patent information and how it could help in obtaining new ideas in the research process,  exploring potential infringement or freedom of operating, and then, some of the free available patent databases are introduced.

 "A Farewell to Arms" is the last webinar of this series in which patent is introduced as a weapon in the hands of technologists and researchers that requires knowledge-based bullets to work properly. In this webinar, in addition to getting informed about the patenting process in Iran, the participant’s attitude in view of patent quality will be targeted and they will be aware of the importance of patent quality in valuation and commercialization.

For registration into the event and get more information about each webinar, please refer to this link. Note that the webinars will start from 10 am to 12 PM.

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