Darkoob Searching Database: A Tool for searching National Registered Patent and other IP Assets
Oct 21, 2021 Darkoob Searching Database: A Tool for searching National Registered Patent and other IP Assets

Aiming at providing a fast and more user-friendly IP searching database, the Darkoob search database was developed in Iran which is able to provide more reliable search results of national registered IP assets with easier and faster-searching methods.


The world has been faced with a hyper-competitive business landscape these days where enterprises need to take a proactive approach towards innovation to stay ahead of the game. IP searching is a critical step in this direction, as it allows organizations to discover and understand cutting-edge technologies based on patent and scientific analysis. It offers insights on pivotal technology trends, innovators and solutions early on to develop innovations with agility.


The growing popularity of applying inventions and innovations in new business models has led to the registration of millions of new Ip assets each year, which resulted in the formation of a valuable and strategic source of technical and commercial knowledge. However, searching through the vast amount of registered IP rights and gaining desired information contained in them is not easy. This is where IP (and more specifically, patent search platforms come into play. Currently, there are a wide range of these specialized platforms and patent databases, including the national searching databases specialized for searching the national  registered  patents or other IP as well as  some regional and international systems (Patentscope and Espacenet) as well as platforms customized by private companies (Google Patents and Orbit)

Iran, as one of the developing countries willing to economic growth and industrialization. Iran understands the importance of innovation, therefore, has moved forward in recent years to have an innovative economy.  With regard to Global Innovation Index (GII), Iran is known as one of the countries with the highest growth in recent years. The reviewing of the GII reports since its beginning indicates that innovation in Iran has developed rapidly over the past six years and the development of accelerators and innovation centers over the last six years has led to a rapid increase in startups and knowledge-based companies.


Concerning Intellectual property assets, Iran ranks 1st in “the number of applications in terms of national trademark registration, 4th based on the registered industrial design and 7th based on its registered patent application among 132 economies.

Darkoob searching database developed by Iranian innovators is able to provide a faster and more user-friendly database for searching patents as well as other IP registered assets.  Its ability to search registered IP in Iran, could to some extent, make it a viable alternative for national IP searching databases.  

Moreover, this platform, by collecting, classifying, analyzing, and presenting a variety of information, would be able to meet the requirements of researchers and technologists for access to disclosed information in the field of industrial property.

 Darkoob database provides the possibility of searching for patents in Iran based on various options such as the subject of the invention, inventor, applicant, summary, classification, declaration number, and registration number, either individually or in combination. Filtering search results based on options such as the status of the prosecution, as well as having priority rights is another option that is designed to be available in this database.

Further options and possibilities supposed to be added in the Darkoob Platform include:

• Completion of invention information;

• Search for registered trademarks;

• Search for registered industrial designs;

• Searching for all the intellectual assets registered by a particular applicant

• Generate graphs based on information stored in the Darkoob database with different indicators.

It is worth mentioning that in order to support knowledge-based companies, the Darkoob database in addition to those general options has also provided special facilities to track companies' inventions and commercialize their registered inventions.

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