Nov 5, 2021 The First Webinar of "Autumn IP School" Webinar Series Conduced on November 2

Following up an MOU signed between Kanoon IP and Iran Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MOHME), and In order to conduct the "Autumn IP School" program, the opening ceremony began with speeches by officials from the Ministry of Health and the KanoonIP and continued with the first webinar of the webinar series, entitled “review of intellectual property policies and practices in the world”.


At the beginning of this first webinar, Dr. Monzem (Head of the Technology Development Office of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education), explained the special attention given by the ministry's research and technology deputy, in the field of intellectual property, to the protection of intellectual assets, expressed his satisfaction of the existing context in terms of interaction and promoting constructive collaboration. He expressed his confidence and hopes that this kind of collaboration will be able to provide better communication which ultimately will result in improving the deputy's approach.

After emphasizing the direct relationship between the protection of intellectual assets b law and the financial benefits arising from it, he expressed satisfaction with the Ministry of Health to switch to this approach and making better circumstances for commercializing the valuable intellectual assets are created or invited in the country’s health sector.

He explained then that the quantitative view on the patents must be changed and stressed that protecting intellectual assets must be implemented in the context of commercialization.

He then stressed the need for integrated management of intellectual property, and the commitment of the country's institutions and organizations to this comprehensive intellectual property management system to obtain better results.  He expressed that the Ministry of Health, in cooperation with Kanoon IP, is seeking to improve the quality of the innovation ecosystem for many stakeholders in the health sector, including researchers, academics, brokers, and investors. Autumn school program by harmonizing and providing IP necessary knowledge in plain and comprehensible language will take a small but valuable step in directing, empowering, and capacity building in this field.

At the end of this speach, he affirmed again that the formulation of policies related to intellectual property and reaching to its value-added would not be possible if an integral IP protecting system agreed between various organizations and institutes inside the country, and emphasized the role of coordination between various policy-making authorities, implementing institutes and organizations, and various stakeholders.  

In the next part of the opening ceremony, Ms. Negar Khatami, Kanoon IP academy's director, by explaining the aims of this collaboration, emphasized the necessity of IP capacity building in the country’s health sector. Referring to the topics designed by kanoon IP to meet the educational requirements of the participants, she highlighted that the promoting aspect of this series of webinars are dominant and the webinars have designed is in a way to encourage the participants to take more specialized courses to strengthen their capacities.

After these speeches, Mitra Aminlou, and Mahmoud Madahpour, KanoonIP lecturers and consultants, draw the attention of the audiences toward policy-making importance and approaches, especially those are targeting IP experts and technology managers in the health sectors. They express the common IP policies governed in the world's universities, the necessity of having a clear and flexible policy to pursue in the country's universities, as well as its effects on promoting innovation were discussed. 

Autumn IP school series of training and promotional webinars that have been designed by KanoonIP academy, will conduct to promote applying IP knowledge in directing applied researches that leading contributes to finding solutions to various technical issues.

In the designed courses by Kanoon IP Academy, the concepts of intellectual property and patents are outlined in a simple way, and legal protection of research achievements and gaining information from research results will be discussed.

In the below table, you will find the title of the next webinar of the Autumn IP school. For registration, please refer to this link.


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