Dec 4, 2021 "Intellectual Property for Everyone" Was Lunched to Raise the Public Awareness!

In today’s competitive environment of free trade and globalization, the protection of Intellectual Property has become an increasingly important international issue. The emergence of a new global economy propelled by rapid technological advances and worldwide communication systems has placed intellectual property in the mainstream of socio-economic development policy in many countries.

Building respect for intellectual property (IP) involves more than just enforcement; often, the general public does not appreciate what IP is, how it is acquired, and how it achieves its intended purpose of promoting innovation. IP awareness must be raised among the general public.


Why does the general public lack an understanding of IP?

First reason: IP is complicated! Normally, many available resources, frequently refer to different types of IP, but confusingly or even (wrongly) interchangeably!

Another obstacle to general public understanding of IP results from the public debate about IP. Normally, lawyers argue robustly IP for their preferred positions (and those of their clients) and they may use specific language and take extreme positions in order to make their points and pose for negotiations, including using statements that may unjustifiably take advantage of the IP system, rather than questioning the value of a particular innovation!

This can actually mislead the general public about the benefits of IP. Some members of the public advocate for the elimination of IP, without any discussion of how the IP system might be improved. It is critical that the public appreciate why IP is vital and understand the delicate balance among IP system constituents.


In order to benefit from the IP system, we at Kanoon IP, as Iran's main body to promote I promote intellectual property (IP) systems and expand IP management supports throughout the country. believe on the public raise awareness and understanding about IP systems; how it is acquired, and how it achieves their intended purpose. This requires that knowledge must be presented to the public in understandable and in plain language as much as possible.

Aiming at this, the second e-learning course (in a self-study format)  entitle " intellectual property for everyone" began last week (December 3) and is still open to register!


The Academy Kanoon IP intends to hold self-study courses with the aim of offering various educational programs in various fields of intellectual property so that various segments of the society (Farsi language people), from teachers to housewives and even people having kind of disabilities,  will be able to profit from this course and learn what is necessary for them.

The course, entitled "Intellectual Property for All", consists of articles related to the IP various fields, success stories of successful people in using IP in their entrepreneurship or even their daily life. This program contains interviews with well-known figures in multimedia formats such as texts, audio, and videos. For this purpose, all text files through audio reading and all videos have been adapted with a deaf translator.

For registering and getting more information, please use this link

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