One of the Iranian High-Tech Patented Technology Exported to Indonesia
Dec 12, 2021 One of the Iranian High-Tech Patented Technology Exported to Indonesia

Following up the official virtual meeting between the Iranian Vice-President for Science and Technology and Indonesian Health Ministre, Buddha Gonadi Sadikin, and the contract that was signed in August this year (2021) between Sina Robotics Company (the Iranian side) and Indofarma firm (Indonesian side), two ‘Sina’ Surgeon Robots’ was exported to Indonesia this week.
According to the memorandum, exporting Sina robot surgeons to Indonesia, as well as establishing two centers for the promotion of advanced remote robotic surgery skills in Bandung and Djokjakarta in Indonesia was agreed by both sides.  

It is worth mentioning that remote tests of the robot have been performed successfully on an animal specimen from a distance of 7 km for the first time in the country. Sina robotic surgery system was evaluated in animal tests after technical and functional tests. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy, or removal of the gallbladder through three five-millimeter incisions, is one of the most common operations performed on live sheep (under general anesthesia and in an operating room similar to a human operating room) using this system in the belly of an animal.




The robot capable of carrying out surgical operations on patients from remote distances was unveiled for the first time In 2015, after filing patent applications in the national patent office in Iran as well as the PCT system. The application was granted in the USPTO (US10219871B2) and china (CN107847282B) and all the foreign filings were technically and financially supported by Kanoon IP.

“By this robot, the surgeon makes different moves using a monitor and two surgery arms on that part of the body which should go under surgery and he/she is connected to the patient with a number of cameras,” according to Dr. Alireza Mirbagheri, one of the robot inventors.


Believing in the potential of local inventors to contribute to the country’s intellectual and economic wealth،Kanoon IP as the main IP body in the country, financially supports and offers various assistances to the national innovators who want to commercialize their innovative products in abroad.

Whether Kanoon IP clients are looking to develop a strong IP portfolio, make a change in the existing one, or simply handle a discrete application, Kanoon IP counsel them on the best strategies for utilizing their IP in ways that generate revenue and increase market power.

It should be noted that patents have normally an important signaling function and could define the value the technology has had for its owner that resulted in seeking protection for it.  



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