Dec 24, 2021 Kanoon IP Academy conducted: "Cinema and Intellectual Property"

The first session of KanoonIP's promotional event entitled “Cinema, Intellectual Property" was held on Sunday, December 19th.  The event was conducted by a group of activists and enthusiasts in the field of intellectual property.

In the first session of the “Cinema, Intellectual Property" event, the "JOY” movie was being reviewed.  In this session, various IP-related aspects of the movie and legal challenges related to patent and legal contracts which inventors might face were discussed.

In this program, Ms. Khatami Maab, the director of the kanoon IP academy, explained the challenges and obstacles that inventors normally face and the importance of building IP capacity among the public to overcome such obstacles. She emphasized on promotion of creativity from childhood and among primary school students.

 She then explained that believing in the value creation of the strong IP, is considered as a driver of societies towards developing an innovation-driven economy.  

Dr. Khanlarkhani, Director of PCT Department of IdeaSazan Asre Afatab Company, pointed out for discussion some of the questions raised by Joy’s movie. He explained some common mistakes regarding self-disclosure which inventors do before any official invention filing. This problem, in addition to inefficient searching of the prior art, and lack of knowledge about patentability requirements and conditions could result in losing the intellectual assets entirely. 

Ms.Sanaz  Javadi, the legal advisor for Intellectual Property of the United Nations and the European Union, stressed the importance of choosing an expert lawyer and explained important points about contractual errors and the need for comprehensive protection of the idea by any available legal means.

To watch the full video of this event, refer to the Aparat page of Kanoon IP Academy page.


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