Obtaining and Protecting IP

Obtaining and protecting IP

Whether Kanoon IP clients are looking to develop a strong IP portfolio, make a change in the existing one, or simply handle a discrete application, Kanoon IP counsel them on the best strategies for utilizing their IP in ways that generate revenue and increase market power.

Kanoon IP is and has been the main supporter of national innovators who intended to file a patent application in the foreign patent office with the purpose of commercialization.  

Kanoon IP successful experience in IP law, in combination with the technical knowledge, leads to design tailored prosecution strategies to protect both foreign and domestic patents. Trademarks and industrial design.

·       Preparing, Filing and prosecuting national invention applications in major patent offices around the globe such as USPTO، EPO، PCT، JPO، KIPO،, etc.

Preparing, filing and prosecuting design invention applications in the domestic IP office and filing provisional applications in the USPTO.

 Filing foreign patents, Design, and TM in Iran

Highly experienced to provide the best quality national and international patent, design and TM, Kannoon IP helps international companies or foreign individual innovators to file their patent, design, and TM application into domestic. Kanoon IP provides full service of assistance its clients from preparing all required documents to filing and prosecution staff.