Commercialization Services

When it comes to transferring technology from research to the business sector or to manage the intangible assets of the clients, Commercialization is a key factor. As the main IP player in Iran, Kanoon IP helps innovators to structure and optimize their IP portfolio, by identifying the right assets to monetize.

Kanon IP commercialization group identifies, evaluates and maximizes the value of IP assets for its partners either inside the country or around the world. The commercialization group makes efforts to bring the most promising research breakthroughs from university and research centers to the market.

kanoon IP works with its clients on all aspects of intellectual property licensing and commercializing IP portfolios:

·        Analysis of markets

·        Development of IP strategy and business plan

·        Patent landscape mapping

The patent landscape mapping provides a comprehensive view of where you stand. These studies help identify the obstacles and opportunities that lie before you. Kanoon IP analytics group will help you identify the most useful visualizations of your patent landscape information. The result is a detailed report that will identify technology trends, competitor portfolio strengths, focus and strategy, gaps in technology, patent citation analysis, etc. that will help in efficient planning and decision making for strategic R&D and enhance return on investment

·        Identifying licensing opportunities (both in and out-licensing)

·        Identification/screening/meeting with potential partners

·        Development of Business Development and marketing materials

·        Intellectual property licensing negotiations

·        Managing of the due diligence process


Foreign affiliates office of kanoon IP


In mutual cooperation between Iran and China in boosting interactions among companies of the two countries, Kannon IP in cooperation with INIC (Iranian nanotechnology initiative council) inaugurated two affiliates office in cities of Guangzhou and Suzhou in China.

These offices are established to facilitate commercialization between Iran and China and also boost interactions among companies of the two countries.